Enhanced oil recovery software licensed from Columbia University (November 1996)

Western Geophysical and Columbia University are working together to market software technology to locate untapped oil and gas reserves, allowing more production from existing wells.

The technology, consisting of patented Lamont 4D software, will be available from Western Geophysical as part of a service package or as a licensed software product. The agreement grants the company the exclusive worldwide license to this technology for the analysis of time-lapse seismic data to monitor fluid changes in reservoirs. By monitoring how and where these fluids are bypassed or blocked, oil companies will be able to design drilling strategies to extract oil and gas that are usually left behind. Scientists at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York developed the Lamont 4D software in conjunction with a consortium of seven oil companies. It has been tested in 15 oilfields in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and is currently being used in almost half the active 4D projects worldwide. Denby Auble, Western Geophysical's senior vice president of technology, is quoted as saying Western Geophysical expects "4D seismic surveys and associated interpretation software to be essential ingredients for ensuring the quality and efficiency of E&P

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