Calgary - E&P Data Capital of the World? (November 1996)

PDM visit Calgary and conclude that the rest of the world has a lot to learn from this city's IT infrastructure.

Calgary has a lot going for it in terms of E&P data management and use. It is major center for the E&P business and, unlike Houston, nearly all of the industry is located in the downtown area. The mining law and regulations on public domain data mean that there is a lot of data available for trade and sale, which has led to a considerable growth in the service sector. This growth has not yet been caught up with by take-overs and merger-mania, so there really is an active marketplace for data and added value services, with many players of different sizes.

Fiber everywhere

What makes Calgary a good candidate for the title of E&P Data Capital of the world is all of the above plus the communications infrastructure that has been installed to cater for all this activity. Some of you may have heard of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), which is the latest offering from Europe's public or ex-public service operators. This, in Europe, is to provide bandwidth of around 155 Megabits per second (MBps). Well in Calgary, the Metronet fibre links originally installed by Fujitsu for a now defunct supercomputing centre, doubled up by a competing system from Telus, offer data transfer rates up to 650 Megabyte/s. i.e. 5GBps. These numbers are important because they influence what data can be practically exchanged over the Wide Area Net. Electronic trading and purchasing of pre-stack 3d seismic datasets becomes a possibility

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