Geoquest - announces new software and quality compliance (November 1996)

Geoquest has just announced a new product Welltest 200, based on the Eclipse reservoir simulator acquired from ECL.

This product allows for analysis of well tests in complex geological situations, well geometries and with multi-phase fluid flow effects such as water coning. The new application allows users to validate their raw well test data, conduct conventional analytical analysis and to interactively prepare a numerical model. The complexity of real-life reservoirs is addresses by the use of perpendicular bisection (PEBI) gridding techniques (whatever they are!). Welltest 200 runs on PCs and Unix.


Another announcement from Geoquest concerns their recent qualification for ISO 9001 Registration for their Software Support, Software Commercialization and Training Departments. The Hardware Commercialization and Staging Departments were qualified back in 1995. The ISO 9001 Quality System Standard encompasses the design, development, production, installation and servicing of products and services, including computer hardware and software. Stan Wedel, GeoQuest Vice President of software product commercialization and support claims that their customers will "appreciate the changes made to advance the testing and delivery of new software and the increasing speed and consistency of our support". Of course the trouble with "Quality" is that once you have broken down your business into a set of procedures that can be followed by a monkey, the next step is to go out and hire some monkeys. We'd like to hear from any

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