GeoQuest releases new version of GeoFrame (October 1996)

Version 2.5 of GeoQuest's GeoFrame reservoir characterization system now includes StratLog and new WellPix module.

As well as integrating StratLog into the GeoFrame environment, GeoFrame 2.5 is said to introduce new applications, including WellPix and WellSketch and feature many product enhancements to existing products. Howard Neal, vice president of product development, said the integration would streamline the interpretation workflow process. "With this release, GeoQuest now offers the most comprehensive suite of fully integrated geologic interpretation software, allowing highly efficient wellbore to regional studies." The addition of StratLog, a comprehensive geologic interpretation and display application, to GeoFrame offers complete geologic interpretation capabilities and access to petrophysical analysis through the Oracle project database, which underlies all GeoFrame applications. According to GeoQuest, this tight integration ensures that changes to one display are reflected in others, accelerating completion of time-consuming tasks associated with the interpretation process. For example, markers picked in WellPix are immediately available in StratLog.


The new WellPix module adds to the geological interpretation features available in StratLog and focuses on geologic well log correlation and market interpretation. WellPix offers enhanced techniques that speed up and provide new insight to the correlation process. Simple templates for well display and user preferences support ease of use. To interpret complex areas WellPix offers a variety of features including variable area color fill, fault gapping, flattening on markers, independent scrolling and log ghost image drag, stretch and squeeze. WellSketch, another new application, is used for generating wellbore equipment diagrams featuring powerful spreadsheet entry and editing capabilities, robust equipment libraries and graphic editors. Other WellSketch fonctions include zoned displays, free annotation and the generation of hardcopy reports. WellSketch displays are available for display in other GeoFrame applications.

User friendly

GeoQuest says new GeoFrame 2.5 data preparation enhancements provide a powerful set of user-friendly tools for data editing and environmental corrections. WellEdit, a well log and core data editor module, replaces the interactive log editor (ILE) module. WellEdit features general log editing, stretch and squeeze, depth shifting, core data and core image editing, unlimited undo options, interactive data functioning and an audit trail and other features as well. The GeoFrame base tools package, which delivers the functionality needed to load, unload, manage and organize data and work sessions also has been significantly enhanced with additional data loading and unloading options. Introduced in 1993, GeoFrame is the centerpiece for GeoQuest software development. Designed to comply with standards from the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation, GeoFrame products are organized by discipline-specific product lines, each with a variety of modules.

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