Executive moves (October 1996)

Parallel Geoscience, Cogniseis and CGG announce personnel moves

New sales manager of Parallel Geoscience Corporation based in the US is Michael C Lochrer, who has been in the industry since 1984 and has been working with Seismic Processing Workshop (SPW), Parallel's intelligent, interactive software since 1990.

Mr. Steve Hunt has been appointed senior vice president, sales, support and operations based at CogniSeis Houston offices. He was the previously the general manager, EAME for CogniSeis and is replaced by Jim Martin who recently joined CogniSeis UK as sales and marketing manager, EAME , after managing the CogniSeis processing center in Paris. Regional Sales Manager in the UK office, Martin Anderson, becomes the new sales and marketing manager, EAME.

Patrice Canal, vice president of research and development at CGG for the past five years., has been appointed vice president of marketing for the CGG Group. He is succeeded by Marc Mortureux, formerly executive advisor to CGGs general management.

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