StorageTek announces HP support (October 1996)

StorageTek announces support for HP -UX PA-RISC-based HP 9000 enterprise servers and is now shipping RedWood cartridges in 10, 25 and 50 gigabytes (GB) capacities uncompressed.

RedWood is claimed as the world's fastest and highest-capacity device using the industry-standard 3480 tape cartridge form factor. HP supports attachment to the StorageTek transports and libraries through its HP OpenView OmniBack II application. "The industries and applications gobbling up data storage space today hardly existed a few years ago when a library of standard 200-megabyte cartridges was sufficient," said Gary Francis, StorageTek vice president, Nearline¸ line of business.

1˘ per MB

"Our emphasis on RedWood ultra-high capacity and performance is particularly timely for applications such as medical imaging; computation-based analysis; scientific data gathering for weather forecasting; and new opportunities made possible by the popularity of the Internet. Using RedWood, customers can store their data for less than a penny per megabyte, and take advantage of the automation our library robotics offer." Francis continued, "In a November 1995 report, the Gartner Group estimated that 5.5 billion documents are created each year in offices. Much of the information in these documents is germane to the conduct of business, must be available and shared within departments and local and remote offices, then saved for possible later reference. Stuffing paper into filing cabinets is not the answer. RedWood facilitates information sharing by making formerly unwieldy paper documents available for online access."

2 TBytes

Mark Rehrauer, E&D consultant at MOBIL Exploration and Production Services, Dallas, is responsible for support of the exploration services computer environment. "We are using RedWood for Unix file system backup for our Cray processors and RS6000 servers," said Rehrauer. "RedWood allows us to store large amounts of data while using only a few of our valuable silo slots. The implementation was very simple with no additional driver or operating system changes required. In addition to solving our problem of backing up data quickly and efficiently, RedWood is also used to manage 2 terabytes of Cray data via a file migration system -- all without adding additional silos to the two 4410s we already have."

17MB per second

The RedWood subsystem is the first ultra-high capacity tape drive to exploit 17 megabytes (MB) per second native ESCON fiber-optic technology. It also fully supports the 20 MB per second SCSI-2 Fast and Wide channel and is architected to incorporate emerging faster channel technologies. The individual RedWood control units are more than twice as fast as traditional tape subsystem architecture. A single 50-gigabyte RedWood cartridge can hold up to 250 times more data than a standard 18-track cartridge and 125 times more than a standard 36-track cartridge. When combined with the 6,000-cartridge StorageTek PowderHorn¸ 9310 tape library, the RedWood technology offers users up to 300 terabytes of data under automated control. The RedWood SD-3 Helical Cartridge Subsystem features digital D3, helical-scan recording technology developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. The RedWood cartridge subsystem is part of the StorageTek Nearline family of tape and robotic automation solutions for data storage, retrieval and management. Information on StorageTek is available on the World Wide Web at .

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