Infor M3 powers supply chain modernization

Cloud-based ERP system central to Preem’s ‘SVAR’ IT revamp program.

Sweden’s largest fuel company, Preem has deployed Infor M3 to help ‘fuel’ its transition to renewables and standardize its information and process model. New York-based Infor’s M3 cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP) system is a configurable, multi-site, multi-lingual solution written in Java for platform independence.

M3 is the central component of Preem’s ‘SVAR’ IT modernization and change management program which involves the replacement of some 30 core software solutions and the addition of new tools to improve inventory management and business partner relations. SVAR further aims to harmonize Preem’s financials and the interface between its refinery and marketing profit centers. Preem plans to deploy the entire Infor suite including supply chain, financial budgeting, planning and consolidation, and customer relationship management. Preem will also deploy Infor ION middleware to expose M3 as a ‘single information source for reporting and analysis.’

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2016 Issue # 2.

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