Petroweb moves to cloud

Enterprise DB Log Cloud edition provides easy data upload and map-based download of projects.

Petroweb has announced a cloud edition of its log data management system, Enterprise DB. The system aims to streamline and simplify log data loading to an instance of EDB in the cloud and to improve subsurface data access and management with targeted workflows. EDB Log Cloud edition is a central, secure, repository of all digital and raster log data. A web browser interface provides access to an ‘end-to-end’ log management workflow comprising load, search, view, and export to project.

Most raster and vector log formats are supported and can be uploaded from a local drive or from Dropbox. The system reads the header and assigns a log to the relevant well, performing data cleanup and curve mnemonic standardization en route. Logs can subsequently be found and downloaded into projects using an asset tree search or through an area of interest on a map. The managed service requires no hardware, software or IT and is available for ‘a low monthly subscription.’ Watch the video and visit Petroweb.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2016 Issue # 1.

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