Aptomar’s BlueDeal for environmental monitoring

New service monitors operations for accidental spills, audits and tracks ‘errant’ vessels.

Trondheim, Norway-headquartered Aptomar has announced a new environmental monitoring service, BlueDeal, for offshore operations. The service is delivered from an ‘Aptomarin’ control center and is claimed to detect accidental spills within a couple of hours. Aptomarin analyzes and trends operations data. When a spill is detected a report is generated with the location of the spill, the identity of the probable polluter and an audit trail of the events leading up to the accident. At year end or end of well a summary report is generated for internal use, regulatory reporting or public information. Ten years of R&D and real-world testing have produced a new method for mitigating false alarms. The system runs on a PC connected to existing radar antenna and linked to the Aptomarin center.

Aptomar’s Kristin Collier Valle said, ‘Users now have a robust monitoring service that meets governmental requirements and is simple to set up and inexpensive.’ Aptomar reports that its service has shown that spills are not always produced by its clients’ operations. Aptomar can also provide surveillance and detection of ‘errant vessels’ as part of the service.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2016 Issue # 1.

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