GeoTeric on interpretation pitfalls

David Roberts takes issue with seismic envelope’s use in stratigraphic determination.

Geotric guest blogger David Roberts (3-DMR) questions the pertinence of the seismic envelope in understanding the subsurface. GeoTeric’s image processing technology is used to enhance geological features that may be hidden in conventionally displayed seismic data. An earlier post showed how the ‘cognitive interpretation’ technology (Oil ITJ Vol 20 N° 6) applied to a New Zealand 3D dataset highlighted some progradational features in the data that could be indicative of reservoir-grade sandstone.

Roberts was doubtful, ‘The dramatic change in reflection geometry between the migrated data and the envelope attribute alarmed me so I had a good look at the data with GeoTeric and Landmark’s GeoProbe and DecisionSpace. The new data link makes it easy to work with all three applications.’

Roberts’ in-depth analysis suggests that the steep dips in the envelope are probably artefacts due to steeply dipping seismic noise. He encourages GeoTeric to check out his findings and make interpreters aware of such interpretation pitfalls. GeoTeric is investigating and expects to provide a blog update soon. More from the GeoTeric blog.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2015 Issue # 8.

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