Enhanced pressure data functionality from AIFE

American institute of formation evaluation—analytics on 600,000 drill stem tests worldwide.

The American institute of formation evaluation (AIFE) has analyzed data from 170,000 US plus 430,000 worldwide drill stem tests (DST). AIFE evaluates test quality prior to calculating permeability, formation damage and other indicators. The data is provided as Horner plots, fluid types, flow rates, formation temperature and water salinity.

Pressure, formation depth and other data are now available as a comma separated value file which can be downloaded for further investigation and regional mapping. Also new is the ability to calculate a potentiometric surface to investigate hydrodynamic regional flow and identify flow barriers and possible stratigraphic traps.

The AIFE database is available marketed on a graduated pricing scale from $90 for a single report. This reduces to $3.00 per test with the maximum volume discount applied. AIFE reports that six major oil and gas companies have access to the entire database, five from the AIFE’s hosted server. More from AIFE.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2015 Issue # 3.

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