Foresight review of resilience engineering

Lloyds Register Foundation report struggles to bring ‘emerging field’ to life.

A free 54 page report from Lloyds Register Foundation summarizes the outcome of a workshop on ‘resilience engineering’ (RE) held earlier this year at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ. The ‘emerging field’ of RE sets out to enhance the safety of life and property through improved resilience of engineered structures, systems, organizations and communities.

Resilience describes the emergent (sic) property or attributes that allow systems to withstand and adapt to disruptive events by preserving critical functionality. Quantitative metrics of the resilience of socio-technical systems are not well established and standards and processes are still emerging. New technologies can provide opportunities but also threats to resilience.

Globalization, uncertainty, demographic change and an excessive focus by managers around current status are identified as challenges to resilience. A lack of incentives, capacity, education and training programs, effective communication, and parameters to characterize resilience, are also identified. You can read some 54 pages in a similar vein in the LRF Report Series: No. 2015.2.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2015 Issue # 10.

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