Shell backs Fiatech materials management push

Fiatech announces Integrated materials management project for owner operators and suppliers.

Speaking at a recent Fiatech webinar, Martin Swaine (Shell) introduced Fiatech’s new Integrated Materials Management project. Trillions of dollars of investment are planned for energy development within this decade but the difficulty of managing materials, equipment, and skilled resources across complex projects remains a primary contributor to project cost overruns and delays. New methods are needed to improve visibility, predictability and control of construction and operations.

Fiatech’s Integrated Materials Management (IMM) sets out to facilitate industry consensus, establish objectives and requirements and cultivate deployable solutions. One key objective will be to make it easier for owners to plan, coordinate and track the material acquisitions by multiple contractors to improve the predictability of project success. Some may see this as too big and complex an issue but Swaine suggested looking at manufacturing, automotive and aviation where inefficiencies have already been substantially reduced.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2014 Issue # 9.

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