Aveva’s activity visualization platform—VR for engineers

Training simulator embeds technology acquired from Global Majic.

Since it acquired Global Majic’s 3D virtual reality last December (Oil ITJ Jan 2013), Aveva has leveraged this core technology in a new Activity Visualisation Platform (AVP). AVP allows asset owners to build immersive, interactive virtual environments of their facilities. These are then available for employee familiarisation, training and emergency planning—even before the real world plant has been delivered.

Aveva COO Derek Middlemas said, ‘Preparing people to work safely in potentially hazardous plant environments is essential. People learn best by doing and AVP enables users to practise anything, from the simplest inspection walk-around to complex maintenance in a realistically simulated live plant environment. Operations staff can now learn and practise tasks in complete safety before going onsite, instead of having to do so for the first time in a potentially dangerous environment.’

Simulations are created directly from the plant’s original design model, they are visually convincing, realistic and accurate. Trainees can be immersed in a scenario and interact both with the model and with each other as avatars asking practical questions such as ‘Can I drive a forklift around this area?’ More from Aveva.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 9.

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