University of Texas at Austin announces ‘interactive rig’

Petex e-learning specialist Itzel McClaren has developed a 3D interactive offshore model.

The Petroleum Extension Service (Petex) of the University of Texas at Austin has announced an Interactive Offshore Oil Rig (IOOR). This 3-D ‘e-product,’ a snip at $99, is claimed to provide a ‘unique learning perspective’ on the inner workings of a semi-submersible oil rig. PETEX director Zahid Yoosufani said, ‘The IOOR is useful for oil and gas industry personnel seeking a better understanding of the individual parts of this extremely complex mechanical unit. With thousands of offshore rigs actively drilling for oil and gas around the world, effective training is now more critical than ever.’

The IOOR provides an inside view of rig components along with visuals and audio describing ten different areas of the rig including a 360 degree Rig View, Power and Hoisting Equipment, Circulating and Cementing Equipment and much more. The IOOR includes an online assessment. Users who pass the test earn a completion certificate from UT. The IOOR was developed by Petex eLearning Specialist Itzel McClaren with assistance from the university’s Faculty Innovation Center at the Cockrell School of Engineering. The tools used to develop the IOOR are 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, and Articulate Storyline. Delivery is provided by Moodle LMS. Checkout the Petex/IOOR demo.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 9.

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