DNV Genie offshore engineering data model

New Sesam Genie design software eliminates time-consuming data transfer.

DNV Software has announced a single engineering data model for offshore design, modification and operations. The date model is delivered as a component of the 6.4 release of DNV’s Sesam Genie design tool and is claimed to eliminate the need for multiple data models and time-consuming data transfer. Genie is used to design and analyze offshore structures made of beams and plates such as drilling rigs and FPSOs. All design data is persistent facilitating efficient, iterative re-design of a structure.

DNV Software MD Are Føllesdal Tjønn said, ‘Genie’s world wide growth in sales has allowed us to invest in further development. Now the offshore engineering offers an integrated environment for structural modelling, environmental load calculations, structural response analysis and engineering evaluation and redesign.’

The single model solution includes tension and compression analysis, a customer request that reduces ‘superfluous’ investments in separate systems. Genie provides a consistent user interface to complex connections between structural components and accepts data from third party systems—said to be a timesaver in life extension analysis. More from DNV Software.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 6.

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