Amalto and Spira team on days sales outstanding reduction

‘Field-to-finance’ solution combines e-field ticketing with business to business integration.

Amalto Technologies has teamed with Calgary-based wireless field ticketing specialist Spira Data on ‘Field-to-Finance,’ (F2F) an e-commerce solution that is set to speed invoice payments. F2F combines Spira’s ticketing and data capture tools with Amalto’s business-to-business integration services.

According to Amalto, oilfield days sales outstanding (DSO) can be as high as 100 days. Companies are seeking ways to receive payment faster gain visibility into financials. CEO Jean-Pierre Foehn said, ‘DSO has reached epidemic proportions and is costing industry billions of dollars each year.’ The configurable solution is compatible with all back-office ERP and accounting systems. More from Amalto and Spira.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 6.

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