Multi phase flow lab opens in Groningen, Netherlands

DNV Kema to offer ‘realistic’ test facilities and standards for multiphase flow and fiscal meters.

DNV’s Kema unit is opening a multiphase flow laboratory at its Groningen, Netherlands HQ. The facility will allow equipment manufacturers and oil and gas companies to test, validate and calibrate multiphase technologies such as separators and flow meters. Multiphase flow meters (MPFM) are used in oil and gas production and gas trading.

MPFMs have application in non conventional production where gas may be comingled with fluids. Likewise deepwater production systems may require MPFMs to provide operators and regulators with accurate compositional flow rates. Downstream, liquefied natural gas systems need accurate fluid component assessment as small deviations of measured volumes cause ‘financial risk.’ The laboratory promises a ‘true-to-life’ environment designed to increasing MPFM accuracy and improve separator efficiency.

Laboratory manager Ron ten Cate said, ‘There are various techniques available for multiphase flow measurement but the technology is immature and needs more R&D. Our clients told us that this was being held back by a lack of suitable test facilities. We plan new products and services for the medium and long term globally.’

The lab is actually an upgrade of Kema’s existing wet gas closed loop facility and will be able to recreate real field conditions. These include a full range of multiphase fluid compositions at realistic temperatures, pressures and flow rates. The unit is also designed to help with the development of equipment standards and testing protocols. More from DNV Kema.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 4.

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