Posc/Caesar—Mimosa joint owner-operators’ forum

Mimosa president on oil and gas interop pilot. Operations and maintenance special interest group to bridge gap between ISO 15926 and ISO 18435/13774. Jord/iRing project update.

The Posc/Caesar Association (PCA) and Mimosa held a joint owner operators forum hosted by BP in Houston last month. Both organizations work towards the standardization of data exchange in capital intensive assets including offshore platforms, FPSOs and refineries. Norwegian PCA approaches the problem from the standpoint of construction and handover, Mimosa from the standpoint of ongoing maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

Mimosa president Alan Johnston presented the results of the oil and gas interoperability (OGI) pilot. OGI is an ISO Technical Committee 184 project. TC 184 addresses automation systems and integration. The OGI technical section is working on ‘OpenO&M,’ a foundation architecture and ‘system of systems.’ Suppliers will develop and maintain OGI compliant adaptors that will enable ‘repeatable, scalable industry-driven solutions for oil and gas and other critical infrastructure.’ All of which is encapsulated in the ISO 18435 standard. OpenO&M use case #1, scenario #1 addresses ‘greenfield handover for the oil and gas industry.’ All this is explained in slide N° 12 of Johnston’s 47 side deck, a PowerPoint masterpiece with more acronyms, standards and taxonomies than you could shake a stick at!

Of course, greenfield handover is pretty much the N° 1 use case for PCA’s ISO 15926 standard too. Indeed the OGI pilot itself leverages the PCA ISO 15926 reference data library. The pilot is led by Worley Parsons and involves interoperability and handover of a debutanizer piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) blending data from Aveva P&ID, Bently OpenPlant and Intergraph P&ID. Various transformation engines running in IBM’s IIC environment blend the data together for capture and analysis in OSIsoft’s PI historian. All runs inside IBM ‘ISBM’ which we suppose is WebSphere.

The OGI pilot’s success has led to Mimosa and PCA setting up a special interest group (SIG) to further cooperation across ISO 15926 and 18435 and to make O&M data ‘completely compliant’ with the ISO 15926 data model and reference data library.

Mimosa/PCA joint operations and maintenance (O&M) special interest group results was presented by Markus Stumptner (University of South Australia). PCA has defined and lives by the ISO 15026 engineering and construction standard. Mimosa by the ISO 18435/13774 stack for O&M activity. The SIG plans to bridge the gap between these standards with an ‘Open O&M’ transformation engine and service bus. The plan is to build on the composite architecture used in the OGI Pilot, using the ISO 15926 reference data library. Phase II of the project sees Microsoft contributing ‘prior art’ in the form of Chemra, the chemical industry reference architecture (no, not Mura apparently…).

The Fiatech/PCA joint operational reference data project Jord continues apace. As Ian Glendinning (GlencoIS and PCA) revealed. The Fiatech iRing project has tested PCA’s reference data service and found it wanting. Jord has fixed the problem with all reference data now exposed as ‘resolvable, queryable’ endpoints. The new iRing/Jord ensemble promises a peer-to-peer architecture supporting validated, certified data exchange between all stakeholders.

A scalable operational Jord platform is scheduled for 2014. Jord is an un-ashamedly semantic web-centric project. Current work includes a new RDF endpoint along with OWL/RDF triple store representations. For those unfamiliar with these still relatively exotic technologies, Jord includes technical training in the ISO15926 data model, the library and in RDF/OWL and the Sparql query language. More from Posc/Caesar.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 4.

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