Telogis announces oil and gas location intelligence platform

Fleet tracking telematics enables driver behavior monitoring, diagnostics, fuel efficiency.

Aliso Viejo, CA-based Telogis has announced a location based intelligence platform for oil and gas. Telogis for Oil & Gas (Togs) is a cloud-based service for tanker fleet operators that increases driver safety and fuel efficiency by monitoring a vehicle’s systems and sending alerts for unbuckled seat belts and aggressive driving (hard-braking, acceleration and speeding). Alerts are assembled in safety scorecards and enterprise dashboards and can be transmitted to supervisors by email or SMS if immediate action is required.

Togs also provides mobile workforce applications, monitors vehicle idle time, off-road mileage, power take-off use, miles driven and fuel used. Operators can import map layers and information on fixed assets such as wells, pipelines, tanks and leases to monitor arrivals, departures and the use of approved routes.

Telogis has also partnered with Ford motor to share diagnostic codes covering seat belt status, airbag deployment, system status faults, and tire pressure warnings. Togs also offers real-time work order management, dynamic routing, navigation and telematics for mobile workforces. Last year, Telogis teamed with FleetCor on remote monitoring of fuel card use (Oil IT Journal June 2012). More from Telogis.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 2.

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