Going, going … green!

AspenTech, Department of Energy’s FutureGen and CCSI, Energy Points, Terra Technology.

AspenTech Software claims to have demonstrated ‘economically viable’ carbon capture at the Norwegian government’s Mongstad technology centre. Mongstad uses AspenOne software to reduce energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Edition IV of the US Department of Energy’s carbon use and storage atlas puts the US’ potential for CO2 sequestration at over 2,400 billion tonnes. Storage in saline formations, depleted oil and gas reservoirs, and unmineable coal seams could store ‘hundreds of years worth’ of emissions from power plants and heavy industry. Some 225 billion tonnes could be used to enhance production from producing oil and gas fields.

The US Energy Department’s ‘FutureGen’ carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiative has entered phase II. A coal-fired power plant in Illinois is to deploy ‘oxy-combustion’ technology to capture a million tons of CO2 per year. A sequestration site is also under

Energy Points has announced ‘EnergyPoints Integrated Reports,’ a new application that enables businesses to issue a single, integrated sustainability report spanning the financial and environmental energy and resource use. The proprietary analytics platform converts water, fuel, waste, electricity and natural gas usage into a ‘universal’ key performance metric.

The US Department of Energy’s carbon capture simulation initiative (CCSI) has come up with a suite of computational tools and models that it expects will enable rapid deployment of carbon capture technologies. No less than 21 tools and models are available from the CCSI website. Potential cost savings from the CCSI toolset are put at $500 million.

Terra Technology has announced a ‘sustainability calculator’ to measure the environmental impact of inventory reductions, considered as possibly ‘the most important action a manufacturer can take towards meeting its corporate sustainability goals.’

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 2.

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