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Eliis, Recon, Pason, Safe Software, Caris, Oildex, Exprodat, American Industrial Systems, Hampson-Russell, GEMS, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, Mobile Fueling Solutions.

Eliis has announced a data link between PaleoScan and Schlumberger’s Petrel. Both Petrel and PaleoScan data is displayed in the tree view.

The 4.3 release of Recon’s eponymous geological interpretation toolset targets multi-disciplinary unconventional reservoir interpretation within a stratigraphic framework. Recon integrates seismic, log, core, frac and production data adding strata-slicing technology for analysis of prospect potential.

The new Pason rig display is a ruggedized touch screen computer for use outdoors and in hazardous locations. The display allows the rig crew to view the Pason EDR, directional system and third-party drilling applications from anywhere on the rig. The Class 1, Division 2 hazardous area certified unit is IP66 water and dust resistant. The unit runs Windows 7 on a 19 inch touch screen.

Safe Software and Caris have teamed to provide an interoperability solution for gridded bathymetry and elevation data. Safe’s FME 2014 now offers support for the Caris spatial archive (CSAR) raster format offering ‘cutting edge’ data storage technology for high volume raster data. More from FME and Caris.

Oildex has announced enhancements to its online invoicing application for suppliers submitting electronic invoices through the Oildex SpendWorks platform including a new user interface and account features that improve interactions between suppliers and operators. The company has also released Spendworks Mobile Approval, a mobile invoice solution for E&P operators.

Exprodat has released its Petroleum data assistant for ArcGIS Desktop, an addition to its Team-GIS suite of oil and gas software. The assistant supports data transfer between oil and gas data formats and ArcGIS.

American Industrial Systems has introduced a range of intrinsically safe, 15” stainless steel monitors for deployment in oil and gas Atex zone 2 hazardous areas. The displays are compliant with the UK dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations 2002 (Dsear) and the corresponding US Occupational safety and health administration regulations.

CGG’s Hampson-Russell unit has announced HRS-9/R2 with an early release versions of ProAZ, azimuthal frac data analysis module and new software development kit. A Petrel data link is also planned.

Gems’ new electro-optic liquid level sensors are designed for use in flammable and explosive atmospheres.

Tessco unit Ventev Wireless Infrastructure has announced a line of outdoor wireless enclosures for Scada, wireless backhaul and broadband communications. The preconfigured units include battery backup and are tailored to the oil and gas industry’s challenging environments.

Startup Mobile Fueling Solutions virtual pipeline’ sets out to make compressed natural gas more accessible in the US. What is a ‘virtual pipeline?’ A convoy of specially engineered trucks!

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 12.

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