Oil and gas big data meets cloud computing

Ogre Systems and TerraPetro team to offer hosted analytics for upstream and midstream.

Dallas-based Ogre Systems has announced Ogre Data Systems (ODS), ‘a big data and analytics cloud computing system for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry.’ The ODS offering will be ‘exclusively distributed’ by TerraPetro, also of Dallas.

Ogre’s Petroleum reserves management systems (PRMS) offers reserves and economics tools and is used by national and international oil and gas companies. With ODS, these tools can be accessed from tablets or a PC along with bundled lease specific production data and customizable decline curve analysis tools for forward modeling.

Ogre VP sales Damian Hutchins explained, ‘ODS will simplify how business gets done, particularly for underserved markets such as mineral owners, land managers, attorneys and investors. Anyone who needs to assess financial risk associated with oil and gas production.’

Greg Hibbard, CEO of TerraPetro added, ‘ODS avoids the requirement for third party data purchase and in-house setup of expensive software. Users just log on from anywhere and generate reserves and financial reports. Anyone with basic oil and gas knowledge can use this subscription-based service.’ Visit ODS.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2013 Issue # 10.

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