Ryder Scott revamps freeware lineup

Consultancy releases plethoric reservoir engineering tools for Microsoft Excel.

Ryder Scott has released new, Microsoft Office 2010-compatible versions of its Reservoir Solutions freeware. These are compatible with all post Excel-97 versions and now include native file formats for Excel 2007/2010, including 64-bit versions.

The tools cover a wide range of engineering applications. RscCBM computes coalbed methane volumetrics. TruVert 2-D calculates true vertical thickness and net pay in deviated wellbores that penetrate dipping reservoirs. RyVOL is a menu-driven program for calculating volumetric in-place and recoverable reserves.

The Reservoir Solutions Module solves common problems such as pseudocritical properties, compressibilities and formation-volume factors. QuickLook economics evaluation software computes screening economics for prospects, evaluating workovers and preliminary lending economics.

The Material Balance application calculates original gas in place (OGIP), estimated ultimate recovery (EUR), BHP/Z vs. cumulative gas production and Tc and Pc properties from gas gravity while adjusting for contaminants.

Flowing Pressure Analysis program evaluates the performance of producing gas or gas-injection wells. LogWizard offers density/neutron or sonic logs analysis and RamBal performs material balance calculations especially of abnormally pressured, unconventional gas fields.

Ryder Scott estimates the user base of its engineering and geoscience applications at around 10,000 users in over 80 countries. Download the tools from Ryder Scott.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2012 Issue # 7.

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