IFS—super fast document replication for oil and gas

IFS Applications module promises reliable data transfer in the face of ‘challenging’ communications.

Linköping, Sweden-headquartered IFS has announced ‘Instant Replication’ (IR) for replication of data between offshore rigs or vessels and onshore facilities. The solution replicates documents and transactional data used in in maintenance and operations via satellite. IR is a component of IFS’ ‘IFS Applications’ flagship industrial ERP suite of over 100 modules covering the lifecycle of contracts, projects, assets and services.

Real time document synchronization between offshore and onshore localities means that critical information for decision-making is always current. The solution is said to replicate data on an ‘application level,’ rather than on a ‘database level,’ for improved data QC error management.

IFS CTO Dan Matthews said, ‘IR assures reliable data transfer under the most challenging conditions. These characteristics make it ideal for upstream players within the oil and gas industry, such as marine seismic companies and drilling contractors, whose offshore units require quick and reliable data replication and transfer of critical business data.’

IR was developed in collaboration with some of the leading companies within the oil and gas industry and used an ‘agile’ development methodology, drawing on customer feedback and IFS’ own oil and gas experience. The solution is a component of the IFS Applications 8.0 release due out this month. IFS oil and gas clientele includes PGS, Seadrill, Northern Atlantic Drilling, Microseismic, Babcock, Heerema and Technip.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2012 Issue # 5.

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