CH2M Hill consolidates specification library with SpecText

FIATECH presentation highlights Engineering Essentials Company’s ‘SpecX’ XML document format.

Speaking at the 2011 Fiatech conference earlier this year, Allen Wright described how engineering contractor CH2M Hill uses the technology from the Engineering Essentials Company (EEC) to create a consolidated specification library. CH2M HILL has a long history of using structured specification systems, using tools such as Bentley’s ProjectWise and 3D modeling to speed design and delivery. To rationalize specification management, CH2M moved from a proprietary template and tools to a ‘commercial industry standard’ leveraging EEC’s SpecText template and productivity tools. Master spec libraries were migrated to ProjectWise, adding document metadata to enhance information management in the process.

SpecWave’s migration wizard was used to validate documentation against company designed rules, styles and formats. The resulting SPECX file format provides greater flexibility in viewing available information and reduces ongoing document management overhead. Documents can be shared with project tools through the XML tags. Specx is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel and can also interact with document management systems such as ProjectWise. EEC is now working to map Specx to the ISO 15926 and ISO 16739 engineering document formats. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2011 Issue # 7.

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