Sercel’s million channel system—‘real soon now’

428XL Giga Transverse add-on for seismic recording system redefines ‘exponential data growth.’

In The Data Room’s Technology Watch report from last year’s SEG ( we quoted University of Colorado seismic thought leader John Scales as saying ‘Seismics is a sampling problem, not optimization.’ Seismic equipment manufacturer Sercel (a wholly owned unit of CGGVeritas) seems to be thinking along the same lines with the announcement of a roadmap to a ‘million channel’ acquisition system. The new Giga Transverse add on for Sercel’s 428XL acquisition system targets the ‘super crew’ market for high-density wide-azimuth acquisition. Giga Transverse promises high data rates with optical fiber cable and a capacity of 100,000 channels per line.

Sercel CEO Pascal Rouiller reported an installed base of three million channels currently. Data managers wondering just how long ‘exponential’ data volume growth will continue had better plan for petabytes more of the same! More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2011 Issue # 5.

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