Decision Space Desktop update

Landmark’s new flagship sees Windows port, new dev kit for plug-ins (with InSite connectivity thrown in). Toolkit leveraged in Halliburton-developed ‘Optimized Drilling Performance’ offering.

Landmark continues to add functionality to its new interpretation flagship Decision Space Desktop (DSD—OITJ October 2010). The port to Microsoft Windows is now complete. Product Manager Gene Minnich told Oil IT Journal, ‘Feedback from early adopters is good. Folks like the underlying OpenWorks data management infrastructure, the integrated dynamic earth modeling and the fact all the ‘classic’ Open Works tools are still accessible from the Desktop.’

Kees Rutten’s (Slokkert Consultancy) unfaulting and unfolding software has been added to the seismic interpretation module enhancing seismic model building. Other new developments include support for raster logs, user defined petrophysical calculations and the incorporation of geomechanics in the Well Planning module for ‘factory’ drilling of shale gas plays. A fully bi-directional link with ESRI helps plan wells around faults.

DSD now sports a software development kit (à la Ocean for Petrel) allowing developers of plug-in apps to the DSD to leverage all the above data and interpretational functionality. The primary language for the DSD SDK is Java. This typically runs in the open source Eclipse integrated development environment. This allows Landmark to deploy its software on multiple target platforms, leveraging various open source tools to port code e.g. to Windows.

Halliburton’s InSite rig connectivity is now available from DSD and the dev kit. DSD is also now used within the Halliburton organization, notably with the integration of multiple drilling products into a new ‘Optimized Drilling Performance’ (ODP) suite. ODP targets integrated bit and bottom hole assembly design, mud characteristics and real-time optimization of the drilling process. Decision Space adds real-time well placement and real time updates of the earth model.

Senior VP Jonathan Lewis said, ‘Teams now work with this proprietary workflow and the digital infrastructure in our real-time operating centers in every region. ODP reduces nonproductive time and improves performance for our customers.’ More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2011 Issue # 3.

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