VRContext joins Microsoft’s upstream marketing effort

Topside O&M simulator added to ‘MURA’ reference architecture.

VRContext is the latest oil and gas software boutique to swear allegiance to Microsoft’s Upstream Reference Architecture (MURA). VRContext has submitted examples of its Walkinside architecture for remote users, distributed control system data access and 3D visualization to the project. Walkinside offers a 3D CAD-type view of sensors on ocean-bottom equipment, allowing drill down through the model to real time data.

Contributed use-case scenarios include subsea asset management and operation. The press release includes what is perhaps the most concrete example of what MURA might include. VRContext’s contribution includes ‘OPC UA/UI collaboration protocols and services, Microsoft SharePoint Server, SOAP HTTP messaging services and XML data access.’ Inputs to Walkinside come from CAD models and ESRI GIS subsea data ‘delivered in a Microsoft .NET and OpenGL environment.’

VRContext CEO Francois Lagae said, ‘We look forward to expanding our MURA contribution by sharing our topside asset operations and maintenance, operator training simulator interfacing and HSE workflows.’ It may or may not be significant but, despite the enthusiasm in the press release, there is no mention of MURA on www.vrcontext.com.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2010 Issue # 10.

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