SAS unit DataFlux fleshes-out E&P data quality offering

Webcast discusses data QC and remediation strategies across geotechnical, business data.

Joe Rademacher (DataFlux) and Clay Harter (OpenSpirit) presented a webcast this month introducing the DataFlux/OpenSpirit Interactive Adapter, the fruits of a year long collaboration (OITJ November 2008) between the horizontal data quality specialist and the geotechnical data integration vendor. The webcast showed how DataFlux’s dfPower Studio can be deployed to assess and rectify data quality issues spanning geotechnical computing and enterprise/ERP data sources.

DataFlux advocates an ‘Analyze, Improve and Control’ methodology and Power Studio has tools for each phase of a quality improvement project along with ongoing sustainable management. Projects typically start with a clean up of multiple similar attributes like company and formation names with the option of deriving standards from the data. PowerStudio targets business analysts who know their data but don’t necessarily have an IT background. Once established, quality rules are captured to the DataFlux Unified Repository and quality knowledge-base.

SAS unit DataFlux’ background is in business data quality, but the challenges of integrating the idiosyncratic world of geotechnical data have been largely solved by the OpenSpirit integration framework. This allows quality strategies and rules to span geotechnical data, ERP systems, text/XML files and enterprise databases.

Post clean up, business rules control ongoing data capture, triggering user defined events when exceptions are encountered. These can be logged or possibly spark-off a more complex remedial process involving geotechnical applications or other DataFlux jobs. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2009 Issue # 9.

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