Help for UK supply chain, new energy jobs website

Oil & Gas UK offers help to distressed supply chain. Energy Institute launches job seekers’ website.

Oil & Gas UK, an industry trade body, has launched a confidential payment help-line for the oil and gas supply chain. The service lets the supplier community give feedback on purchaser behaviors that are ‘adversely affecting their ongoing business viability,’ particularly in respect of the speed at which invoices are being paid.

Paul Dymond, operations and supply chain director with Oil & Gas UK, said, ‘We would like to encourage all member and non-member companies within the oil and gas supply chain to contact us through these links to let us know their experience with payment terms, so that we can identify appropriate industry responses. Information will be held in confidence and only shared in a generic, non-attributable form unless with the express written sanction of the provider.’

The Energy Institute (EI), another UK industry body, is also reacting to a period of ‘unprecedented change’ with the creation of an online recruitment service at According to EI, ‘thousands of new jobs’ will be created over the coming years thanks to government investment in nuclear and renewables. The site offers advertising options and a CV database. It is not clear how the EI’s effort will be received by exiting energy recruitment boutiques. But if they see anything ‘adversely affecting’ their business viability, they can always go talk to Oil & Gas UK

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2009 Issue # 3.

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