SPT Group EDPM to monitor Marlim production

Real time multiphase production management system to address flow assurance challenges.

Petrobras is to deploy a real-time production monitoring and management system (PMMS) based on SPT Group’s eField Dynamic Production Management system (EDPM) and the OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator. The PMMS will be installed at the deepwater P-35 Marlim field to optimize production and address flow assurance challenges. The system includes an advanced dynamic gas lift solution to optimize subsea well performance.

Marlim, once billed as the largest subsea development in the world, is located in the northeastern Campos Basin about 110 km offshore Rio de Janeiro. Water depths range up to 1,000 m. Today eight floating production units produce oil from upwards of a hundred wells.

The PMMS project is a first for Petrobras, with the coupling of a dynamic flow simulator and a real-time data acquisition system. The ‘landmark’ project is part of an ongoing Petrobras investigation into tools for improving production, minimizing risk and providing ‘true monetary value to the end user.’ SPT Group has deployed 20 similar flow assurance solutions in the past three years and claims that the EDPM/OLGA combo is becoming an industry standard for multiphase production and real time production management systems.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2009 Issue # 3.

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