Value Assessment Study shows pipeline optimizer’s worth

Energy Solutions’ offers a six-week assessment to ‘show the value’ of PipelineOptimizer.

A leitmotif of many tradeshow presentations is the need to ‘show the value’ of a software deployment. A new service from Energy Solutions International sets out to fix this by providing a dollars and cents metric prior to deployment of its PipelineOptimizer application.

The six-week fee based Value Assessment Study (VAS) compares actual with optimized results. The VAS quantifies the potential financial benefit of a Pipeline-Optimizer deployment and suggests new routes to increase savings and throughput.

Energy Solutions CEO Jo Webber said, ‘The assessment can demonstrate, in concrete terms, savings identified by our pipeline optimization software. PipelineOptimizer targets efficiencies in DRA and power consumption and increased throughput. Using the client’s data, we can model savings for a one-month period and compare that to their actual results and costs.’

Upon completion of the study, ESI presents all findings along with a detailed cost/benefit analysis to quantify the value of a PipelineOptimizer deployment. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2009 Issue # 10.

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