Schlumberger announces Merak Enterprise Planner

SPE hears of ‘perfect’ reserves management system … as commercial offering rolls-out.

Speaking at the SPE ATCE in New Orleans, Doug MacDonald of Schlumberger’s Merak unit described the ‘perfect’ reserves management and compliance system—without actually spelling out that this was in fact the newly released Merak Enterprise Planner! A reserves management system needs to be ‘consistent, continuous and comprehensive,’ providing the same definitions, year on year continuity and a ‘pan business’ system. The system needs to comply with the upcoming changes in the SEC rules for possible and probable reporting. The ideal tool should offer hierarchical views—at field, reservoir and corporate levels. Data management should support ‘buckets’ of scenarios, categories and products.

Meanwhile on the Schlumberger booth an answer to all these requirements was being rolled out in the form of Merak Enterprise Planning (MEP). According to Schlumberger Information Solutions VP software, Olivier Peyret, ‘MEP provides answers to complex business questions and helps clients proactively respond to changing market and operational conditions.’

Early adopter tests have shown ‘a 50% reduction in project processing time and a 75% reduction in analysis time.’ MEP uses Microsoft SQL Integration Services to customize workflows to a client’s environment. Data is loaded into a corporate data warehouse—itself coupled to the Merak OLAP data cube for analysis. More from Schlumberger-Merak.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2009 Issue # 10.

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