AVEVA Net goes real time

Partnerships with Data Systems & Solutions and ISS Group add SCADA connections to engineering.

A new release of Aveva Net (Version 3.6) adds real time data access to Aveva’s Portal. The new technology allows for real-time video feeds, instrumentation monitoring and production data to be viewed alongside associated data such as equipment maintenance records and manufacturer’s specifications. The real time extensions were developed through collaboration with partner companies Data Systems and Solutions and ISS Group which has added management and monitoring of plant information and KPIs. Process information from SCADA and DCS sources is now visible thanks to ISS’ ‘Babelfish’ gateway.

The new release adds collaboration and work process management capabilities such that clients can develop their own solutions integrating processes and information flows. Use cases include workflow and configuration management, impact assessment, management of change, and a range of other features designed to ‘ensure information integrity and optimize business processes.’

Executive VP Derek Middlemas said, ‘Aveva Net applications can now interpret and enforce change management, flagging-up the consequences of failing components or challenging the assignment of a work package to an under-qualified engineer.’

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2008 Issue # 9.

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