PDVSA selects NeuraDB for corporate log repository

Venezuelan state oil to store 500,000 well logs in Neuralog’s structured/image database.

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA has chosen NeuraDB as its corporate well log repository. The database will house some 500,000 well log images that PDVSA has acquired over the past 70 years. NeuraDB provides PDVSA personnel immediate access to this information through query and GIS based interfaces.


NeuraDB’s strength is that it manages scanned historical wells logs (rasters) alongside structured data. PDVSA has undertaken a significant digitizing program to build a digital archive of wells drilled up to 2003. Around 80% of these paper and film well records have been digitized and some 40% of these have also been vectorized to log curve data.

Image data

PDVSA has previously developed its own web-based solution for accessing scanned log imagery over the internet. The system proved hard to maintain and so PDVSA decided to acquire NeuraDB as its new well log repository. Along with well logs, NeuraDB can house geologic maps, sections and seismic data. NeuraDB was also selected for its data management and organizational capabilities, its configurable document management, geo-referencing, security and ease of integration with other repositories. Neuralog is also engaged in training PDVSA’s data managers and IT personnel who will be operating the system. More from info@neuralog.com.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2008 Issue # 5.

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