SAIC deploys master data management for BP E&P

Kalido MDM at center of ‘trusted source’ of web services provisioned reference data.

Speaking at the 2008 PNEC conference, BP’s Kelly Sherril recalled how the merger and acquisition activity from 1998 on brought with it a lot of data ‘baggage,’ some good, some not so good. BP had ‘subsets and islands’ of well master data located in Canada, Norway, BP, North America and elsewhere. To which BP was continually adding more data sets. Things came to a head when a major automation project was launched with the deployment of a commercial production surveillance tool. Initial estimates were for around one month of data preparation in toto. In reality this required 3 months per asset!


The answer came in the form of a ‘trusted source’ of master data built by SAIC using Kalido’s master data management solution (MDM). Now a ‘gold standard’ relational database distributes metadata using web services and Oracle replication to offer worldwide data access to header information. BP prefers to buy not build and evaluated several commercial tools.


At the time there was no MDM solution for E&P data (although this has changed since). The Kalido MDM solution was adapted to manage master data in Finder, drilling and completion databases and production. Modeling the different views of the well in these data sources required attention. Each database has elements of master data some of which may be the source of record. ETL* is used to publish MDM out from each system of record. More from

* Extract, transform and load.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2008 Issue # 4.

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