Ansys toolset for Petrobras’ simulation-driven process development

Following extensive trials with CENPES R&D unit, CFD modeler now used across the board.

Petrobras has expanded its technology agreement with Philadelphia-based Ansys for the provision of simulation and modeling applications. Petrobras is to use the Ansys toolset in product and process design in its production, refining and processing units. Maucir de Almeida, refining process optimization manager at Petrobras said, ‘Simulation-driven product and process development is helping us to improve the performance of refining equipment. It is a key element of our innovation strategy. The breadth and depth of the Ansys product portfolio, with its modeling and high-performance computing capabilities, makes it suitable for our applications that require rapid, high-fidelity simulations.’


Ansys is currently in use within Petrobras’ CENPES R&D unit for cluster-based computational fluid dynamic studies of product flow to optimize refining processes. Other Ansys multiphysics applications in oil and gas include development decisions on deepwater fields, to assess feasibility and reduce risk.


Ansys’ South American channel partner Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software is providing support to Petrobras on the project.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2008 Issue # 1.

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