ENI, Northern Territory Government wins for SpectrumData

ENI Australia outsources seismic data management. NTG awards data bank contract.

ENI Australia has awarded SpectrumData a contract for seismic data management and tape copying services. The contract includes duplication of ENI’s exploration data, using a range media including SDLT/DLT tapes, 3590 tape cartridges, LTO and DAT tapes and hard copy.


SpectrumData CEO Guy Holmes said, ‘In today’s boom times, high quality and cost effective seismic data management lets our clients focus on commercial priorities in the knowledge that their valuable data is in safe hands.’

Northern Territory Government

The Australian Northern Territory Government (NTG) has contracted SpectrumData for its onshore petroleum data bank. The project sets out to preserve the Territory’s data and provide access to industry and the NTG.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2007 Issue # 9.

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