Saudi Aramco deploys BabelFish SCADA monitor on 380 wells

ISS Group’s well performance monitoring package to provide real time data on Saudi ‘iField’.

Saudi Aramco has awarded Perth, Australia-based ISS Group and its Middle East partner Naizak, an order for BabelFish, ISS’ well performance monitoring system. BabelFish will be deployed on 380 wells in Saudi Aramco’s iField project.


The order follows successful completion of a pilot. BabelFish monitors large numbers of wells in a single view and provides immediate visual alerts of non-performing assets. ISS continues work with Aramco on enhancements to the system.


ISS Group Asia/Middle East MD Mr. Richard Pang said, ‘BabelFish will provide Saudi Aramco with a web-based, real time well performance monitoring and data integration capability. We have been working with Saudi Aramco over the last two years to assist with the evaluation and suitability of the product.’


Though the incremental order value of contract is only A$300,000, Pang considers the deal to be ‘a significant international achievement for the ISS Group.’ ISS group also reports orders from BG International, Hess Oil and other ‘leading players in the global energy, oil, gas and process markets’ in North America and Europe. Asian clients include ConocoPhillips, Petronas and Kodeco. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2007 Issue # 7.

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