Landmark announces pre-release of ‘next generation’ interpretation suite

DecisionSpace R5000 release includes SDKs for infrastructure and engineering. ‘Classic’ OpenWorks option to stay.

Landmark has just pre-announced the ‘R5000’ release of its DecisionSpace upstream application suite with the ambitious tag line ‘2007: The Year of DecisionSpace.’ R5000 is Landmark’s first synchronous release of DecisionSpace with much of its software portfolio upgraded to a common platform of operating systems, processors, third-party software and graphics cards.

New SDKs

DecisionSpace promises multidisciplinary application and data integration—of Landmark’s ‘classic’ products, client and third-party applications and new DecisionSpace optimized apps. The R5000 release introduces software development kits (SDK) for infrastructure and the Engineer’s Data Model. The OpenWorks SDK is also to be ‘refreshed’ for the new environment.


The veil will lift on R5000 with ‘workflow previews,’ running on the current R2003 platform, prior to the full R5000 release later this year. Initial workflows include the ‘Geoscience Desktop of the Future,’ offering multi-scale seismic interpretation, geocellular model building and subsurface interpretation. Other workflows address optimized reservoir decision making and well planning. R5000 implements data model changes to support high-end workflows like prestack seismic data on the desktop. By supporting both ‘classic’ and ‘built for DecisionSpace’ environments R5000 preserves clients’ technology investment. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2007 Issue # 4.

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