New application manages and enforces standard interpretation naming conventions

Energy Information Solutions’ Standards Manager generates standard horizon names.

Australia-based Energy Information Solutions EIS has just released ‘Standards Manager,’ a new approach to managing naming conventions in upstream interpretation systems and databases. Instead of relying on ‘long winded and rarely read’ documents on a corporate website, Standards Manager brings naming conventions into the end users’ work flow – avoiding the risk of the IM team becoming an obstacle to standards use.


EIS MD Garry Heaven told Oil IT Journal, ‘Standards Manager can be used to package data along with standard naming convention for compliance testing or version management. A user just fills in a few terms and the system generates, for instance, horizon names according to the selected standard nomenclature. A Petrel user can tie data files to an interpretation via standard metadata.’


Standards Manager uses pragmatic ‘CTRL-C/CTRL-V integration’ to cut and paste a reference between applications. Standard nomenclatures can be extracted from databases via a set of utilities and end users can add correctly formed names which can be broadcast. EIS flagship client is Santos. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2007 Issue # 10.

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