SpectrumData wins two Aussie storage deals

Companies win seismic tape contract from Woodside and Spectrum gets New South Wales’ Archive.

Australia-based SpectrumData and Access Information Management have been awarded a three-year, ‘multi-million’ dollar contract for storage and management of Woodside Energy’s petroleum exploration data assets. AccessIM will consolidating data from some 180,000 tapes and a large volume of paper records, which will then be catalogued and indexed by SpectrumData to a seismic data catalogue.


SpectrumData CEO Guy Holmes said, ‘Woodside was looking to employ a specialist in seismic data management rather than just a storage contractor. The Woodside contract with AccessIM lays the cornerstone for future growth in Australia and overseas.’

Data vault

Following verification, auditing and backup, media will be stored in two state-of-the-art vaults built by SpectrumData. These will incorporate VESDA smoke detection, gas flooding fire extinguishing system and thermal motion detector. Fiber links from the vaults to SpectrumData and AccessIM will provide rapid electronic data transfer to Woodside upon request. The Woodside contract includes migration of Woodside’s legacy seismic data to high density media.

New South Wales

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries has chosen SpectrumData to manage its petroleum data archive. A five year contract covers management, restoration and migration of NSW’s legacy seismic and petroleum data. SpectrumData is currently half way through another contract with the federal Government Department Geoscience Australia to provide similar data migration services—claimed to be the largest contract of its kind ever awarded in Australia.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2006 Issue # 3.

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