Anadarko and Devon sign with LogLine

Independents contract with A2D for online depth-calibrated raster and LAS log data.

TGS-Nopec unit A2D has just announced well log data deals with independents Anadarko Petroleum and Devon Energy. Anadarko awarded A2D a multi-year contract for access to A2D’s US onshore and offshore library. The deal provides for global digitization services and unlimited use of A2D’s depth-calibrated SmartRaster and LAS data. Anadarko will continue to partner with A2D to further expand the commercial digital LAS log library, including new ‘workstation-ready’ logs.


Anadarko geoscience systems manager Mike Seeber said, ‘The agreement with A2D is an important part of Anadarko’s digital data strategy—making well log data available from around the world is an important facet of our competitiveness. ’


Devon has extended a similar multi-year agreement with A2D for well log data access and data management services including a subscription for unlimited use of SmartRaster data in the US and Canada. A2D continues to host Devon’s proprietary log data via LogLine Plus.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2005 Issue # 5.

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