Landmark opens Abu Dhabi Center

Landmark R&D Fellow John Killough is to head-up the new Middle East Asset Management Center.

Landmark Graphics Corp. has just opened a new Asset Management Center in Abu Dhabi. The facility has been designated as a global center of excellence for applied research and training and is to spearhead production optimization initiatives in the Middle East.


Landmark’s new president Peter Bernard said, ‘The center will let Landmark apply new technologies and consulting expertise to the challenge of enhancing recovery from Middle East reservoirs.’


The center will support knowledge management and knowledge transfer to oil companies throughout the region and enable regional oil companies to test and evaluate Landmark technologies for reservoir management and decision management and will help define requirements for future technology development.


Landmark regional VP Jonathan Lewis added, ‘The center will speed reservoir simulation projects with parallel and grid computing and will improve reservoir understanding through multi-scenario modeling and analysis.


Heading up the new center is Landmark R&D guru, John Killough. On show at the Center will be new modeling software including the Nexus simulator, developed in association with BP and the SeisSpace seismic processing suite.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2004 Issue # 6.

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