Tecplot RS 5.0 brings large data access

The new release of ChevronTexaco’s reservoir engineering tool breaks 2GB data file barrier.

Tecplot Inc. has just released a new version of its reservoir engineering visualization and plotting software Techplot RS. Tecplot RS, which was developed with help from ChevronTexaco, allows data from multiple reservoir simulators to be viewed and plotted along with observed data such as production rates and formation tests. New in Tecplot RS V 5.0 is the ability to handle extremely large data files, reduced memory usage, speed optimizations resulting in performance improvements, and simplified access to plotting functionality.

No data limit

The removal of the 2GB file size limit allows users to access massive datasets on 32-bit Linux and Windows platforms. 64-bit versions of Tecplot RS are now available for Linux and UNIX, providing even greater data management resources.


Many operations are now ‘three to five times faster’. A grid preprocessing and a ‘restart’ function have been added. These speed-up data loading data and give finer control over the loading of selected time-steps and variables. Pricing begins at $3,500.00 for a single-seat license. Multi-platform network licenses are also available.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2004 Issue # 10.

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