GX Tech—‘deep computing’ on demand!

IBM’s ‘deep computing’ on demand offers hosted supercomputer power for seismic processing.

Seismic processing specialists GX Technology are one of the first takers for IBM’s new ‘deep computing’ on demand offering. Deep computing offers supercomputer performance in a hosted environment, freeing users from fixed costs and management responsibility of owning a supercomputer.


IBM’s deep computing on demand offers scalable, secure systems accessible through a Virtual Private Netwprk (VPN) Internet connection. The service will let Houston-based GX Technology expand the scope and the number of projects it can effectively handle around the world.


GX Technology president Mick Lambert explained, “IBM’s deep computing on demand gives us the power to dramatically reduce project cycle times and increase our project capacity, while reducing infrastructure and operating costs.”


By using IBM’s hosted supercomputers, clients can avoid IT capital outlays and depreciation. Massive compute power can be conjured up to meet temporary demand spikes while the managed environment ensures that the latest, performant technologies are available without further investment.


IBM’s ‘deep computing’ facility is located in a secure section of IBM’s Poughkeepsie, New York plant. Initially, the system consists of a cluster of IBM eServer xSeries Intel-based Linux systems with related disk storage, and is planned to include pSeries UNIX servers. Designed for scalability to meet increased demand, the deep computing on demand facility is also planned to incorporate a variety of blade technologies and AMD technologies over time.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2003 Issue # 6.

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