XSaber’s first break

GMG’s latest product XSaber automates first break picking by leveraging image processing technology.

Green Mountain Geophysics (GMG) claims a breakthrough for its new XSaber first break package. Seismic first breaks are used to determine corrections to be applied as a preliminary to seismic processing. XSaber’s innovation lies in the use of a variety of image processing methods to enhance and isolate the first arrivals on a seismic record. This allows XSaber to be used as a ‘hands-free’ batch-operated process – without the need for manual picking of first breaks.


Users can test data conditioning processes such as filtering, datum statics, gain/balance and muting to arrive at an optimal shot record for conversion to a grayscale bitmap image. Image processing parameters such as brightness control, contrast enhancement, and edge detection techniques may be used to enhance the general trend of the first arrivals.


After the brief setup analysis, the dataset volume is picked entirely in batch mode, producing a useable set of picks that can be input directly to GMG’s Fathom for refraction analysis and solution generation.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2003 Issue # 1.

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