HueSpace brings game technology to upstream

VoxelVision has acquired the rights to market high performance visualization technology from Hue.

The traditional way of visualizing gigabytes of data is to use gigabytes of memory and expensive, high-end graphics hardware. But is this really necessary? The folks at Norwegian software house Hue don’t think so. Hue’s developers cut their programming teeth working on a computer game, ‘Joint Strike Fighter’ (Eidos/Innerloop) and have leveraged the fast polygon rendering used in computer gaming to voxel visualization with its HueSpace product.


VoxelVision has signed an exclusive agreement with Hue to offer this technology to the oil and gas industry. HueSpace will be offered as a plug-in to VoxelVision’s Linux cluster software GigaViz.


Hue CEO Diderich Buch told Oil IT Journal, “Our developers have turned the voxel visualization problem on its head by focusing—not on the vast data volumes to be rendered—but on the relatively modest amounts of information that reach the screen. We are looking into a patent application for this technology and don’t want to say any more about it right now.”


HueSpace technology will be an integral part of GIGAviz 2.0 to be launched at SEG 6 October 2002. If the spectacular online demo of HueSpace on is anything to go by, the booth should be worth a visit.

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2002 Issue # 9.

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