New IT division for Allomax

Allomax is expanding its risk management, economics and competence assurance software business.

UK-based consulting firm Allomax has formed a new division to market its software. Allomax’s systems deal with risk management, costing and economic evaluation, competence assurance and project knowledge management.

Competence Assurance

Allomax clients including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Global Marine, Halliburton, Kerr McGee, Amerada Hess and Lasmo ENI. Allomax products include Casmax, a Competence Assurance System which maps the job description of positions vacant with individuals’ qualifications and Wellmax, a knowledge and project management system. Lessons learned during a project are stored in a Microsoft Access database. Procedures ensure that documents and best practices are kept up to date. A ‘process map’ is used to graphically link all aspects in a user-friendly environment.

Shell contract

Allomax has just signed a world-wide agreement to supply Casmax competence assurance software product to Shell International. More from

This article originally appeared in Oil IT Journal 2002 Issue # 7.

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